Starting his professional tattoo career at Dragonland Tattoo in 1999, Dan has found a special knack for tattooing flowers, fantasy, horror and sci-fi/space pieces.  This is the clientele that he has built a large and loving foundation with.


Dan has been published in magazines all over the world including: Total Tattoo, International Tattoo, Skin Deep, Skin Shots, Tattoo, Tattoos for Men/Women, Nordic Tattoos, Scandinavian Tattoos, Intense Ink, Crave, Pain, Cryptic (feature article), Bizarre, Savage (feature article), as well as Rapid City Journal News Paper (South Dakota) and the Star Tribune (Minnesota).

Art Projects

Dan has also worked on art projects for Avenger Skateboards, Guy Aitchinson Sketch Book, A.P.T. Sketchbook, and too many art exhibits to mention.

Comic Book Artwork

Four pages for the Death Shriek comic book and two pages for Living Corpse comic book.

Band Artwork

Band artwork produced for Diagoro, Texas Tapeworm, We are Legion, Golden Chariots Of Mars, Hope You Choke, Fetus Heist, Dissident Clone, and Beauty of Decay.


Shirt design for Wicked Jester.

Award Winning

With all this publicity, it’s no wonder Dan has one over 175 Awards coast-to-coast and in Europe.

Dan usually focuses on medium to larger pieces in both color and black and grey.  It’s rare he ever does a “one and done” but ask because the subject matter might be right up his alley.