I want to dedicate 110% on each piece.  If I’m not feeling the piece, I’ll direct you towards an artist who would be better qualified.


  • Full color and Black/Grey
  • Flowers
  • Fantasy (dragons, goblins…)
  • Horror/Gore themed (zombies, dead creatures…)
  • Sci-Fi (robots, aliens…)
  • Underwater (octopi, fish…)
  • Creatures (snakes, alligators, bugs…)
  • Textures (wood, metal…)
  • “Artsy” pieces


  • Tribal
  • Celtic
  • Eagles
  • Lettering
  • Tiny tattoos
  • Harley Davidson (emblem, logo, motorcycles…)
  • Hot rod flames or pinstriping
  • No Wedding bands/finger tattoos
  • No Facial tattoos
  • No Cosmetic tattoos
  • No Portraits
  • No Japanese style
  • No American traditional style

Have a look through my gallery to get a better idea of my work!